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evntwall is a web app that helps businesses to interact more effectively with customers. The platform offers over 30 features to contribute to the successful management, interaction, and cost saving of your business.

the perfect tool to help small businesses become digitally savvy

irrespective of your business type and industry, evntwall can help you reach your target audience.

website services for small businesses

Create a profile on evntwall, which will serve as the perfect website for your small business! If you already have a website, then your SEO expert will tell you that you can always benefit from more digital online exposure.


All the content you would normally find on a basic website


Photo and video galleries for customers to view

Product Catalogue

Online store, offering customers the option to buy safely only and customize products for purchase, rent or loan.

Direct Contact Details

Direct conntact details to your office / staff.


Links to other online content, websites and access to downloadable resources.

Blog / Articles

Blog Articles for people to read and learn more about your business, prodducts or services.


Important events and dates concerning your business.

Team Members

Introduce the team members, with their photos, their roles in the business as well as their contact / social media details.

Marketing and Adspace

Ability to market and promote your businesses, products, services, articles, videos on the evntwalls of other (non-competing) complimentary evntwalls

Awesome benefits

Evntwall is not only a digitally smart solution but also saves you costs and helps you become more efficient in managing your own website.

Cost Saving

Instead of hiring a developer you can do it all yourself or let us set it up for you at a fraction of what it would actually cost

Unniquely Customisable

you don't need any special skills or tools to create and manage your evntwall, yet it will be highly customisable to match your unique brand and identity

Personalise Options

Optional extras: let us also register a domain and setup personalised email accounts to provide a complete and holistic solution.

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