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About evntwall for events

Evntwall offers an innovative solution for event hosts and organizers to elevate their event experience and engage with guests seamlessly through Digital Celebration Walls. These mini web pages serve as a central hub for event information, with interactive features, and media sharing of your event's memorable moments before, during, and after the event.

Let's delve deeper into how Evntwall's Digital Celebration Walls can enhance your event experience across various social occasions.

birthdays, matric balls, graduations, farewells, engagements, bachelor parties, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, thanks givings, reunions, memorials, funerals and more.

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Seamless Event Management

  • RSVP / Attendance Register: Send personalized invitations to guests, collect RSVPs, and even confirm dietary requirements seamlessly through the Evntwall platform, simplifying event planning and organization.

  • Google Maps Integration: Ensure guests can easily navigate to the event venue by adding Google Maps location details directly to the Digital Celebration Wall, eliminating any confusion or difficulty in reaching the location.

  • Guest Check-In: Prioritize guest safety and streamline check-in processes by logging temperatures and checking guests in directly from smartphones, tablets, digital kiosks, or PCs upon arrival.

Enhanced Guest Interaction

  • Digital Guest Book: Replace traditional guest books with a digital alternative, allowing guests to post messages directly on the Evntwall platform, preserving heartfelt messages and memories for years to come.

  • Gift Registry: Simplify gift-giving by making the gift registry digitally accessible to guests via their smartphones, providing a convenient and seamless way to browse and select gifts for the occasion.

  • Fundraising Support: Facilitate fundraising efforts by displaying bank account details on the Digital Celebration Wall, allowing guests to make direct deposits and contribute to the cause effortlessly.

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Inclusive Event Experience

  • Live-Stream Capability: Extend event participation beyond physical attendance by live-streaming the event in real-time through the Evntwall platform, ensuring that remote guests can still share in the joyous celebration.

  • Photo / Video Gallery: Capture and share special moments from the event, such as engagement photoshoots or memorable highlights, through a dedicated photo and video gallery for guests to enjoy and reminisce.

  • Event Media Access: Replace printed materials with digital alternatives, making programs, menus, seating plans, maps, and floor plans easily accessible to guests on the Digital Celebration Wall, reducing waste and enhancing convenience.

Interactive Features

  • Photo Uploads: Enable guests to contribute to the event’s digital archive by allowing them to upload photos and selfies directly to the Evntwall platform, creating a collaborative and immersive experience for all attendees.

  • Connect with Organizers & Participants: Digitally introduce guests to event organizers and participants, including guest speakers and emcees, and facilitate communication between attendees and event stakeholders through the platform.

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Long-lasting Memories

  • Digital Memento: Preserve the memories and legacy of the event long after it’s concluded by allowing customers to revisit the Digital Celebration Wall as a digital memento, serving as a cherished keepsake for future commemoration.

Create Immersive, Interactive, and Inclusive experiences that leave a lasting impression

With these advanced features, Evntwall's Digital Celebration Walls empower event hosts and organizers to create immersive, interactive, and inclusive experiences that leave a lasting impression on guests. Revolutionize your event planning and management with Evntwall and elevate every aspect of your celebration.

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a break-down of all features

RSVP / Attendance Register

Send out invitations to all guests, collect their RSVPs and even confirm their dietary requirements, if needed.

Google Maps

With many venues located in hard to reach places, you can now add the google maps location, allowing guests to easily reach the venue.

Upon Arrival

Instead of asking guests to complete attendance registers or forms, you can log their temperature and check them in directly from a smartphone, tablet, digital kiosk or PC.

Digital Guest book

Instead of buying a guest book for a, guests can post messages directly on your evntwall.

Gift Registry

Make your gift registry digitally. available and put it at the finger tips of your guests (through their smartphones)


Display your bank account details, allowing people to make direct deposits into your account.


For those who cannot attend the wedding in person, you can still share the evntwall with them, to live-stream the event in real time.

Photo / Video Gallery

Share the special moments in video and photo format for guests to peruse (e.g. how you got engaged, photoshoots, etc)

Event Media

Instead of printing, programs, menus, table seating plans, maps, floorplans, etc, you can make it all accessible on the evntwall.

Photo Uploads

New Feature: Now guests can upload the photos and selfies that they took at the event for all to see.

Event Organisers & Participants

Digitally introduce guests to the event's organisers and participants (e.g. guest speakers, MC, etc) and allow them to communicate through the platform.

Beyond the event

Long after the event has taken place, customers can can revisit the evntwall to service as a digital momento for future commemoration.


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Awesome benefits

Evntwall is not only a digitally smart solution but also saves you costs and helps you become more efficient in managing your special day.

Cost Saving

Send out invitations with the evntwall link for invitees to rsvp and manage all confirmations received. Collect dietary requirements and even their vehicle registrations (if necessary).

During the event

Check-in guests directly on your computer or smart device, as they arrive. Scan and log their temperature at the door and digitally engage with guests sharing the program, menu, table seating, in-event announcements and update the wall in real time as the event progresses.

After the event

Update the evntwall to display info, images, live-stream videos of the event as transpired. Even allow guests to upload the photos / selfies they took during the event, directly to the wall.