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Simplify all your future events with evntwall.

Whether you're organizing a surprise birthday party for your spouse, your sister's baby shower, a farewell luncheon for a colleague, or a graduation celebration for your daughter, evntwall has got you covered.

Setting up these celebration pages (i.e., evntwalls) is easy, and with a reasonable monthly membership fee, you can create multiple evntwalls without extra charges.

You also have the freedom to gift an Evntwall to someone without any limitations or requirements. This can ease the burden of event planning and offer a helping hand.

Evntwall helps you to simplify the planning process and makes hosting events fun. Guests and attendees can visit your personalized celebration page to learn more about the event, RSVP, and make contributions. You can also use evntwall to share photos (selfies) and videos from the event, and keep in touch with guests after the celebration has ended.

Evntwall is also flexible and highly customizable. You can add your own backdrops and color schemes to make your evntwall match the theme of your event. You can also add custom text, images, and videos to make your evntwall truly unique.

With its user-friendly interface, helpful features, and new membership pricing, evntwall is now the perfect tool for busy people who want to organize memorable celebrations without all the hassle.

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One membership with the ability to create multiple evntwalls each year, for every celebration you may be hosting, planning or attending

Birthday party, funeral, wedding, graduation, baby shower, anniversary party, surprise party, baptism or christening party, housewarming party, bridal shower, retirement party, bachelor or bachelorette party, farewell party, school reunion party, engagement party, gender reveal party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and more.

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wedding evntwalls

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Funeral memorial planner app

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Give your evnt attendees’ a digital platform where they can to access evnt collateral, digitally interact with guests and virtually cater for those who cannot be there in person.

Birthdays, matric balls, graduations, farewells, engagements, bachelor parties, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, thanks givings, reunions, memorials, funerals and more.

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Are you getting married soon and curious about Evntwall? This web application is designed to make your special day even more magical, with over 20 features that are sure to impress. Managing your wedding has never been easier or more convenient, and it even helps you save money in the process.

With Evntwall, you can send out invitations that include the link to your event page. Guests can RSVP directly through the site, and you can manage all confirmations, dietary requirements, and even vehicle registrations (if necessary).

Check-in guests directly from your computer or smart device as they arrive. You can also engage with guests digitally, sharing the program, menu, table seating, and in-event announcements. Update the wall in real-time as the event progresses to keep everyone informed.

Not getting married this year? Then make it your gift to someone near and dear - who will soon tie the knot.

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Notify family and friends of the death of a loved one and keep them informed as memorial and funeral arrangements are finalised. Evntwall will also share information about funeral services, displays the obituary, funeral program, photos, video tributes, live-stream feed and more - all on one centralised platform.

When friends and family visit the evntwall page, they will be able to post condolence messages, send flowers, make donations towards funeral expenses and upload any photos of their fondest memories with the dearly departed.

memorial websites for loved ones - online memorial pages and virtual obituaries for funerals
Funeral memorial planner app

memorial planner

A new feature that coincides with the memorial wall is Evntwall's memorial & funeral planner - a digital application that allows all parties involved in the funeral planning process to collaborate and access important information related to the arrangements. This allows for streamlined communication and organization during a time of grief.

The solution can be used at the time of someone's passing or by someone still alive who wishes to ensure that their final wishes are carried out at the time of their passing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already married, I wont need a wedding evntwall

For this reason, you are most welcome to gift the wedding evntwall to someone who is planning their wedding and this can be offered to them in the form of a gift voucher.

Can I offer the evntwall to a family member or friend?

Yes you may. This makes for the perfect gift voucher – to someone near and dear to you.

If I gift it to someone, do I still need to manage the content?

Not necessarily. The evntwall will still be registered under your name, but you will be able to allow them the ability to manage and update the content themselves.

What is a memorial planner?

A memorial planner is a digital application and central hub where all parties involved in the funeral planning process can access important information related to the arrangements. This allows for streamlined communication and organization during a time of grief.

What is a memorial website?

A memorial website is an online space dedicated to someone who has passed away, also known as a virtual memorial, online memorial, or online obituary website.

At Evntwall, we offer memorial websites that allow you to post an obituary, share funeral information, gather memories and condolences, and more.

A memorial website serves as a central hub for communicating important details after a person’s passing, and also provides an ongoing connection to the departed individual.

When someone passes away, it can be incredibly challenging to communicate all of the relevant information to loved ones scattered across the globe. Memorial websites make this process much easier by providing a central location to share key details with everyone.

These sites also offer a unique opportunity for people to connect with one another and find solace in shared memories. This can be incredibly helpful for those who are struggling to cope with the loss of someone they loved.

Do you need technical skills to create a memorial website?

Fortunately, creating a memorial website is simple and straightforward for anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Evntwall provides comprehensive guidance on the details and information you may want to include and share. You have complete control over what you want to share. Once you’ve completed the process, your memorial website will be generated.

How do memorial websites benefit in funeral planning?

Evntwall’s memorial websites for loved ones provide a range of advantages to help streamline the funeral planning process. Here are just a few examples of how a memorial website can be beneficial:
1. Organize multiple funeral events with ease
2. Manage RSVPs from guests
3. Keep attendees and non-attendees informed through messages and updates Upload relevant funeral information to the website
4. Offer a live stream of the services to all memorial website visitors

How do memorial websites help to memorialize someone?

Memorial websites provides a space to memorialize a loved one in a way you can find most meaningful. Evntwall helps you do this by having friends and family upload photos, memories, and stories from the life of your loved one. One can also setup a memorial fundraiser in honor of the person who passed away and have donations go towards a cause that was meaningful to the individual or to a cause that will honor their life.

memorial websites for loved ones - online memorial pages and virtual obituaries for funerals

Plans & Features


R 0 per month
  • Memorial Planner


R 79 per month
  • 1 x Memorial Planner
  • 1 x Funeral Wall per year
  • 1 x Social Wall per year

Every year you’ll be able to setup 1 additional funeral wall and 1 additional social wall at no extra charge.


R 89 per month
  • 2 x Memorial Planners
  • 2 x Funeral Walls per year
  • 2 x Social Walls per year
  • 1 x Wedding Walls per year

Every year you’ll be able to setup 2 additional funeral walls, 2 additional social walls and 1 additional wedding wall at no extra charge.


R 119 per month
  • 5 x Memorial Planners
  • 5 x Funeral Walls per year
  • 5 x Social Walls per year
  • 3 x Wedding Walls per year

Every year you’ll be able to setup 5 additional funeral walls, 5 additional social walls and 3 additional wedding walls at no extra charge.

Please note that the mywall subscription is not applicable to businesses and can only be used by individuals for themselves and their family / friends in their personal and private capacities. We provide separate tailor made solutions and packages for business use - please click on the industries tab on the menu for more details.

Hear what some of our clients have to say

online memorial websites for loved ones - virtual memorial obituaries for funerals


Setting up the memorial wall for my father in law was quick, easy and efficient. Thanks for the great platform and service.

online memorial websites for loved ones - virtual memorial obituaries for funerals


I didn't know where to start but the support and assistance provided to me by the platform eased alot of my burdens. thanks for such a nice platform to ease our suffering.

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There was so much to say about my uncle but we couldn't afford everyone the opportunity to say something at the memorial. Thanks to this platform everyone could share their testimonial.

online memorial websites for loved ones - virtual memorial obituaries for funerals


The family appreciates the fact that we could all contribute to creating such a wonderful space to honour our grandmother.

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