How to Market Your Funeral Home Business

Does your funeral home have a means to connect with your customers? Do you have a Facebook page or a website where you can engage with potential clients? If the answer is no to either of these questions, then your company is making a significant oversight. Marketing funeral services can be challenging, as it requires maintaining a balance between being respectful and commercial. It is crucial that whichever platform you choose, it does not appear insensitive.

In the current era, funeral services are moving away from traditional practices and becoming more innovative. Recent trends include personalization, green burial practices, eco-friendly items, and even funeral streaming. To remain competitive, it is essential to understand how to effectively market your funeral home. Here are some marketing tips to better serve families:

Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

What distinguishes your company from its competitors? Identify what makes your company unique and use that as a selling proposition for your target market. Additionally, understand who your competitors are, which could include other funeral homes, crematory services, or online casket providers. Conduct research on your competition to understand their marketing strategies and, more importantly, define your own. If you are partnered with an answering service, ensure they are aware of what sets you apart.

Develop a Website

A poorly designed website is only marginally better than having no website at all. Studies indicate that 46 percent of small businesses do not have a website. When creating your website, clearly demonstrate to families what services you offer and provide contact information prominently on the home page. Ensure that key information such as pricing and services offered is easily accessible.

Utilize Social Media

Consider establishing a social media presence on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to engage with the community. These platforms are where many family members gather to share stories and news. Use your social media accounts to share content and foster connections. Maintain a consistent message on your social media pages that supports the funeral home’s mission, branding, and marketing strategy.

Foster Strong Community Relationships

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them,” as Pam Moore aptly stated. Get to know the people in your community and other local businesses. Offer assistance or partnership for community events whenever possible. Develop deeper relationships with family members and find ways to maintain contact, such as inviting them to relevant events held at the funeral home. Educate the community about funeral services when appropriate and establish yourself as the expert in your field.

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Invest in Evntwall’s Digital Toolkit

Evntwall provides a comprehensive approach to ensure funeral businesses gain a digital advantage over competitors. Their platform offers tools that enhance brand awareness and provide numerous cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for your products and services. Key features include:

  • Digital Presence with E-Site: Enhance your online presence with a mobile-responsive site. Showcase your services with captivating media galleries, informative blog articles, and real-time news feeds. Highlight promotional offers, maintain an organized calendar, and provide easy access to essential information such as staff contacts, testimonials, and FAQs. With built-in subscription capabilities, maintain effortless connectivity with your audience.

  • Efficient Visitor Management with Concierge Portal: Streamline guest management at your premises with the Concierge Portal. This includes providing precise directions through Google Maps integration, facilitating guest check-ins, and conveying important notices. Gather valuable feedback and suggestions through intuitive feedback forms.

  • Evntwalls: Keep loved ones informed and engaged during challenging times with evntwalls. This platform delivers essential details about funeral services and serves as a hub for sharing memories and tributes. Friends and family can express condolences, send flowers, and contribute financially, fostering a sense of community support.

  • Digital Collaboration & Referrals: Effortlessly market, promote, and collaborate with complementary businesses in the industry, resulting in a wider customer base and access to new opportunities.

  • Memorial Planner: Simplify the funeral arrangement process with the centralized Memorial Planner. Offered as a complimentary tool to clients, it facilitates seamless planning by providing access to essential documents, specifying arrangements, and outlining program details. As an administrator, guide clients through the planning process while promoting relevant products and services.

  • Employee Portal: Empower your team with the versatile Employee Portal, accessible on desktops and smartphones. This portal offers access to essential resources such as company updates, training materials, and industry insights, keeping your staff informed and equipped to deliver exceptional service to grieving families.

When friends and family visit the evntwall page, they can post condolence messages, send flowers, and make financial contributions directly to the family’s nominated bank account.

Marketing your funeral home may seem challenging, but when done correctly, it can greatly benefit both the company and the families being served. Creativity and uniqueness will always set you apart from the competition and position your business ahead of the curve.


At Evntwall, we empower funeral businesses to excel in the digital landscape by providing comprehensive solutions that enhance customer value, elevate brand visibility, and drive revenue growth.

For The Digitally Progressive Funeral Home

Evntwall takes a multifaceted approach in ensuring that funeral homes get a digital advantage over their competitors by not just offering more value to their clients but also benefit from a tech savvy platform that guarantee’s massive brand awareness with ample cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for funeral directors products and services.

The Digital Marketing Toolkit for Funeral Homes

digital marketing solutions for funeral homes

Evntwall doesn't only help funeral undertakers add more value for their customer, but it genuinely helps them to digitally market their funeral undertaker's products and services.

Discover Evntwall’s suite of offerings designed to honor and commemorate the lives of your loved ones:

  1. Memorial Websites for Loved Ones: Craft a personalized online sanctuary dedicated to honoring and cherishing the memory of your loved one. With a dedicated memorial website, you can curate a digital space where friends and family can gather to reminisce, share anecdotes, and pay their respects.

  2. Online Memorial for Loved Ones: Pay homage to the cherished memories of your loved one through an online memorial. This digital platform serves as a heartfelt tribute, inviting loved ones to share treasured memories, heartfelt messages, and photos, fostering a sense of connection and solace during times of loss.

  3. Memorial Pages for Loved Ones: Preserve the enduring legacy of your loved one with exquisitely designed memorial pages. These elegantly crafted pages provide a serene haven for reflection and remembrance, allowing friends and family to honor their loved one’s life and legacy in a dignified manner.

  4. Memorial Tribute Sites for Loved Ones: Craft a poignant tribute to your beloved with a dedicated memorial site. Featuring customizable themes and options for sharing cherished memories and heartfelt stories, a memorial tribute site offers a touching homage to your loved one’s life, ensuring their spirit lives on in the hearts of those they touched.

  5. Virtual Memorial for Loved Ones: Embrace the power of technology to host a virtual memorial service, uniting friends and family from across the globe to commemorate the life of your loved one. A virtual memorial provides a heartfelt opportunity to celebrate their life, share cherished memories, and find solace in the collective embrace of loved ones.

Explore Evntwall’s comprehensive array of solutions for funerals and memorials, meticulously crafted to help you honor the life of your loved one in a meaningful and personalized manner.

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