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How to advertise your funeral home

Finally A Solution for Funeral Homes to Advertise Themselves

Introducing a revolutionary platform crafted specially for funeral homes, designed to establish an unbeatable digital footprint. Our comprehensive suite of digital services not only enhances client experiences but also guarantees unparalleled brand exposure for funeral homes' offerings. With our innovative approach, funeral directors can gain a significant edge in the digital landscape, amplifying their visibility and influence to extraordinary heights.

Start Advertising Your Funeral Home Digitally With Evntwall Today

If you're a funeral home, funeral parlour, funeral director or funeral undertaker in in need of a digital advertising solution, then let us help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Our digital marketing solution for funeral homes has been crafted with careful consideration of the unique challenges and constraints faced by funeral homes. Our goal was to uncover hidden opportunities to promote and market their services while maintaining their ethical responsibilities to their clients. Whether you’re a funeral director, funeral home, funeral parlour, or any other funeral service provider in the industry, Evntwall offers a wide range of tools to help your business thrive online and offline.

1. Digital Presence with e-site

Enhance your digital presence with our cutting-edge mobile-responsive e-site. Showcase your funeral home's services through captivating media galleries, insightful blog articles, and dynamic news feeds. Elevate your offerings with highlighted promotional deals, a seamlessly organized calendar, and streamlined access to vital information such as staff contacts, client testimonials, and FAQs. With built-in subscription features, effortlessly stay connected with your audience and discreetly market your funeral home's services for maximum impact.

Funeral Home Director Parlour E-site
memorial websites for loved ones - online memorial pages and virtual obituaries for funerals.

Efficient Visitor Management with Concierge Portal

Transform guest management at your premises with our state-of-the-art Concierge Portal. Seamlessly integrate Google Maps for precise directions, facilitate guest check-ins, and communicate essential notices such as house rules for a streamlined and organized experience. Moreover, leverage our intuitive feedback forms to gather valuable insights and suggestions from guests. Harness the platform to subtly market, promote, cross-sell, and upsell your funeral home's value-added services, ensuring an unparalleled guest experience and optimizing business opportunities.

3. evntwalls

Keep loved ones informed and engaged during challenging times by setting up evntwalls for their dearly departed.

This platform not only provides vital information about funeral services but also serves as a central hub for sharing cherished memories and heartfelt tributes. Friends and family can express condolences, send flowers, and offer financial contributions effortlessly, fostering a profound sense of community support.

Visitors to the evntwall page can post condolence messages, send flowers, and make direct financial contributions to the family’s designated bank account, streamlining the process of offering support during grieving periods.

What sets our evntwalls apart is the seamless integration of your funeral home’s branding and marketing collateral. Every visitor to the evntwall will be exposed to your funeral home’s branding, directing them to your e-site and providing additional opportunities to showcase your services.

By leveraging evntwalls, funeral homes can not only provide essential support to grieving families but also extend their reach and visibility, establishing stronger connections with the community they serve.

funeral website demo
hospitality concierge website

4. Digital collaboration & referrals

Effortlessly market, promote and collaborate with complementary businesses in the industry who's customers may benefit from your services and visa versa - resulting in a wider customer base and access to new opportunities.

5. Memorial Planner

Simplify the funeral arrangement process with our centralized Memorial Planner. Offered as a complimentary tool to clients, it facilitates seamless planning by providing access to essential documents, specifying arrangements, and outlining program details. As an administrator, guide clients through the planning process while promoting relevant products and services that meet their needs.

If you’re a funeral home, funeral parlour, funeral director or funeral undertaker, our memorial planner can help you reach your digital advertising goals.

Funeral memorial planner app

6. Employee Portal

Empower your funeral home's team with our versatile Employee Portal, accessible on desktops and smartphones. Beyond traditional office settings, our portal caters to all employees, offering access to essential resources such as company updates, training materials, and industry insights. Keep your staff informed and equipped to deliver exceptional service to grieving families.


No, You can set it up for your client’s to manage and update their own memorial website. 

If a client doesn’t wish to manage or update  their memorial website themselves, then your funeral home can opt to manage and update it for them, or our office can assist with this. In the case of our office assisting, an administration fee will be charged.

Yes, your funeral home is at liberty to do so.

You can either upgrade your account to a higher package or or purchase additional credits to create more memorial websites.

Fortunately, using this platform is simple and straightforward for anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Evntwall provides comprehensive guidance on the details and information on how to use the platform. You have complete control over the functionality and our helpful support agents are happy to assist where support is needed.


designed for funeral undertakers


$ 20 per month
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 50 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 2 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Basic Email Support


$ 59 per month
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 100 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 5 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Basic Support


$ 99 per month
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 250 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 10 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Priority Support


$ 169 per month
  • Business e-site
  • Digital Concierge Portal
  • 500 Free Customer Memorial Planners
  • 20 x Evntwalls pm for customer funerals
  • Priority Support
Funeral and Memorial Planner App

Introducing: Evntwall's Memorial Planner

A digital tool that you can make freely available to your customers, for their convenience and peace of mind.

Awesome benefits For Funeral Homes

Evntwall doesn't only help funeral homes add more value for their customer, but it genuinely helps them to digitally market their funeral undertaker's products and services.

Business Advertising

Instead of dishing out your funeral home’s brochures and business cards at your client’s funeral, evntwall will digitally advertise your funeral home to everyone visiting the platform.

Cross-sell & Up-sell more

There isn’t more effective way to digitally market and promote your funeral home’s value added products and services than through an evntwall.

Generate More Income

Your funeral home can include evntwall into your funeral packages, allowing you to generate more income when you offer the service at a fee.

If you're a funeral home, funeral parlour, funeral director or funeral undertaker, we can help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Start Advertising Your Funeral Home Digitally With Evntwall Today

If you're a funeral home, funeral parlour, funeral director or funeral undertaker in in need of a digital marketing solution, then let us help you achieve your digital advertising goals.

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