Four ways in which venues can generate money with evntwall

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, its to be more adaptable and not set in our ways. Since times and circumstances are constantly changing, we also need to adapt and change to constantly stay relevant. This is the very reason why evntwall was created – in response to COVID-19’s crippling impact on the events industry.

Thankfully, in our post-covid society, evntwall can help venues to generate additional revenue in the following ways:

1. Offering evntwalls for customer events.

When a client books a venue for their event, be it a wedding, party or even a corporate event, the venue will be able to onsell evntwall as a value added service, allowing their customers to create an event page.

2. Concierge Portal

When people visit your venue, they can visit your venue’s digital concierge portal (also on evntwall) using their smartphones – which allows them to find their way around the property, engage with the front desk. In doing so, your venue will be presented with countless ways in which it can cross sell and upsell products and services.

3. Promoting Service Providers

Embedded in your venue’s digital concierge page, are a few directories. One is an internal directory of various key employees, staff or business units. Another directory is one that contains external / local services and businesses. In this directory, we can display a list of event service providers. Now, instead of cluttering your front desk with business cards and flyers of various event service providers, you can now digitally promote these service providers on your concierge page. The beauty of making this digital is the fact that your reception desk doesn’t just look more neat and tidy, but these service providers don’t have to spend a fortune in printing and distributing their flyers each month. Best of all is that you have the liberty to charge them a small fee to promote them on your directory each month, knowing that it’s more cost effective that going the printed route.

4. Local Attractions

Embedded in your venue’s digital concierge page, is a list of local attractions which people can book through your concierge page. Every time a person makes a successful booking, your venue will be entitled to a commission fee.

At the end of the day, in addition to the added value your concierge platform provides customers, evntwall can also help your venue generate additional monthly revenue without having to lift a finger or spend any extra human resources in trying to do so.

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