Five Things Funeral Businesses and Parlours can do better with Evntwall

Here are five things that funeral parlours and funeral service providers can do better with Evntwall. 

Firstly, Evntwall gives funeral businesses more brand awareness and exposure exposure before, during and after the funeral of their client. This is done through your evntwall’s profile page (which also serves as a website – for those who do not already have one).

Secondly, when customers walk through the doors of your offices or showroom, they can sign in on your evntwall concierge page, which doesn’t just serve as a digital welcome desk but also creates awareness of additional products and services that you can cross-sell and up-sell to them.

Thirdly, when you’re helping your client plan the funeral of their loved one, you can then setup a memorial page on evntwall for them. This memorial page will help them notify family and friends of the death of their loved one and will keep people informed of the memorial services and funeral arrangements, once finalised. It also displays the obituary, funeral program, photos, video tributes, live-stream and more. When friends and family visit this memorial page, they can post condolence messages, send flowers, make financial contributions directly to the family’s bank account, and even upload any photos of special moments they have taken when the deceased was still alive. Memorial pages can be setup and managed by the funeral service provider, the family or by Evntwall’s support staff.


Fourthly, funeral service providers can choose to offer these digital memorial pages as a free (value added) service to the clients or to offer it as an upsell, allowing you to generate more revenue from your customers.

Finally, as a fifth benefit to funeral services: Evntwall helps funeral service providers to generate even more revenue – not just when they on-sell memorial pages to their customers but also since every customer’s evntwall will include the funeral service provider’s branding and marketing collateral, the platform will digitally market and promote their products, packages and services to every person, family and friend who visit the memorial page of the the person who passed away.

The good news is funeral homes and service providers can now enjoy the full benefits of Evntwall for free. As of January 2023, Evntwall has taken the decision to offer a freemium package that will help funeral businesses to finally get ahead digitally and offer great value to help clients make the stressful task of managing their loved one’s funeral a little more easier

Evntwall helps funeral businesses offer more value to their customers, create more brand awareness for their businesses, and generate more income.

To learn more, please visit or to schedule a demonstration of Evntwall in action, please contact

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