Five Things Funeral Businesses and Parlours can do better with Evntwall

Funeral businesses and service providers play a vital role in supporting families during times of loss and mourning. Leveraging Evntwall can significantly enhance their offerings and streamline operations, ultimately providing better support and services to grieving families. Here are five key benefits Evntwall offers to funeral businesses:

1. Enhanced Brand Awareness and Exposure

Evntwall provides funeral businesses with increased brand visibility before, during, and after funeral services. Through Evntwall’s profile page, which doubles as a website for those without one, funeral parlors can showcase their services, facilities, and offerings, reaching a wider audience and establishing a stronger online presence.

2. Digital Concierge Services

Evntwall’s digital concierge page serves as a welcoming platform for customers visiting funeral homes or showrooms. Beyond providing a digital sign-in option, it also offers opportunities for cross-selling and upselling additional products and services. Funeral businesses can showcase related offerings such as memorial keepsakes, floral arrangements, or catering services, enhancing customer experiences and increasing revenue streams.

3. Personalized Memorial Pages

During the funeral planning process, funeral service providers can utilize Evntwall to create personalized memorial pages for their clients. These pages serve as a central hub for notifying family and friends about the death and sharing details about memorial services and funeral arrangements. Features such as obituaries, funeral programs, photo galleries, video tributes, and live streams help honor the memory of the deceased and facilitate communication among loved ones.

4. Revenue Generation Opportunities

Evntwall offers funeral businesses the flexibility to offer digital memorial pages as value-added services or as upsells to their clients. By providing this digital platform for memorialization, funeral parlors can generate additional revenue while also offering valuable support to grieving families during their time of need.

5. Digital Marketing and Promotion

Every memorial page created on Evntwall includes branding and marketing collateral from the funeral service provider. This means that the platform serves as a digital marketing tool, promoting the funeral home’s products, packages, and services to visitors of the memorial pages. This digital promotion extends the reach of the funeral business, potentially attracting new clients and increasing overall revenue.

Conclusion: Unlocking the Potential of Evntwall

Funeral homes and service providers can leverage Evntwall’s innovative solutions to better serve their clients and enhance their business operations. With features designed to increase brand visibility, streamline processes, and offer personalized support, Evntwall empowers funeral businesses to navigate the digital landscape effectively while providing meaningful experiences for grieving families.

Discover how Evntwall can transform funeral event management

The introduction of Evntwall’s freemium package since January 2023 allows funeral businesses to access these powerful tools and services at no cost, further demonstrating Evntwall’s commitment to supporting funeral professionals and their clients during challenging times.

Funeral and Memorial Planner App

memorial planner

A FREE, digital and central hub where all parties involved in the funeral planning process can access important information relating to the arrangements. Use it for your recently deceased loved one, or for yourself - for the future.

Evntwall helps funeral businesses offer more value to their customers, create more brand awareness for their businesses, and generate more income.

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