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free websites for schools

About evntwall for schools

evntwall helps schools to 1) communicate more effectively with students, parents and their local communities, 2) save costs on conventional communication tools, 3) create more brand awareness and digital exposure for themselves, while 4) raising funds in the process.

With over 20 features to contribute to the successful management, interaction, and cost saving of your school event, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why schools need the solution. Evntwall also seamlessly integrates with online meeting platforms (Zoom, MS Teams), live-stream services (YouTube, Facebook, Zoom), social media platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc) as well as survey solutions (Survey Monkey, Survey Anywhere, etc).

evntwall applications and uses for schools of all shapes and sizes

pre-schools, day care / after care centres, primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary institutions, music schools, learning centres, training and development centres, service providers to the industries, and more.

free websites for schools


evntwall for school events

Open days, parent meetings, committee meetings, SGB & PTA meetings, sports evnts, school camps, excursions, awards ceremonies, RCL inductions, staff functions, team buildings, farewells, birthdays, training events, concerts, fund raisers, farewells, and many more

RSVP / Attendance Register

Send out invitations to all attendees, collect their RSVPs and even confirm their dietary requirements, if needed.

Google Maps

With many venues located in hard to reach places, you can now add the google maps location, allowing guests to easily reach the venue.

Upon Arrival

Instead of asking guests to complete attendance registers or forms, you can log their temperature and check them in directly from a smartphone, tablet, digital kiosk or PC.

Digital Guest book

Instead of buying a guest book for a, guests can post messages directly on your evntwall.

Higher Parental Engagement

Since parents cant always be present, evntwall can keep them informed and even allow them to participate in proceedings.


Display your bank account details, allowing people to make direct deposits into your account.


For those who cannot attend the in person, you can make the live-stream available on the wall.

Photo / Video Gallery

Share the special moments in video and photo format for guests to peruse (e.g. how you got engaged, photoshoots, etc)

Event Media

Instead of printing programs, handouts, brochures, flyers, menus, table seating plans, maps, floorplans, etc, you can make it all accessible on the evntwall.

Photo Uploads

New Feature: Now guests can upload the photos and selfies that they took at the event for all guests to see.

Event Organisers

Digitally introduce guests to the event's organisers and participants (e.g. guest speakers, MC, etc) and allow them to communicate through the platform.

Beyond the event

Long after the event has taken place, customers can can revisit the evntwall to service as a digital momento for future commemoration.

Partners & Sponsors

Showcase / promote the school's partners and sponsors by displaying their logos, profiles and contact info.

Special Announcements

Display Announcements and Notices for all guests to take note of.

Ad space

Offer evntwall as an additional marketing platform for advertisers to make use of.

free websites for schools


concierge page for schools

Track and monitor all people entering your school premises, from the moment they it’s at your gate or front office, be it for meetings, school events or any other reason. This includes administering of your guest / attendance and COVID-19 register.

Guest Sign-in

Allow guests to digitally check-in / sign in to your venue.

Local Directory

Keep a digital directory of local services, departments or offices at the school.

Event Calendar

Display an up to date school calendar of events (taking place at your school) as well as local events in the area.

Suggestion Box

Replace the tattered suggestion box with in your lobby with evntwall.

Local Service Providers

Instead of cluttering your front desk with business cards and brochures of local event service providers, you can compile a digital directory on your school's evntwall page.

News Feed

Access and share valuable resources and articles and news for students, parents and teachers from reputable and complimentary sources.

Maps & Floorplans

Display a map of your property and even the floor-plan of the buildings, as well as emergency info.

Staff Directory

Make your staff easily accessible by displaying a directory of all employees on site.

In Case of Emmergency

Share emergency resources and contacts, including the local police station, hospital, emergency exit / gathering points, etc.

free websites for schools


website for your school

If you don't already have a school website, your evntwall profile page can serve as an awesome website! If you already have that's also fine. Think of our profile page as a second website or as an account on aa social media platform like LinkedIn.


All the content you would normally find on a school's website


Display photo and video galleries for people to view on your school's evntwall.

Media Centre

Share a wide range of physical and digital tools and resources for students, parents and teachers to use, buy or loan.

Direct Contact Details

Direct conntact details to your office / staff.


Links to other online content, websites and access to downloadable resources.

Blog / Articles

Blog Articles for people to read and learn more about your business, prodducts or services.


Important events and dates concerning your business.

Team Members

Introduce the team members, with their photos, their roles in the business as well as their contact / social media details.

Marketing and Adspace

Ability to market and promote your businesses, products, services, articles, videos on the evntwalls of other (non-competing) complimentary evntwalls

free websites for schools


Raising funds for your school with evntwall

Evntwall offers various ways to help schools raise funds, and create awareness of its initiatives. Not just among students and parents, but also to the local businesses and the community at large.

evntwalls for social events

Offer parents the ability to setup evntwalls for their various events (E.g. children's birthdays, funerals, etc). Not only will they be able to do so at a heavily discounted rates, but every time they do so, a portion will be paid out to the schools fundraising account.

birthday website
banquet matric evntwall
create a school website
create a school website
create a school website

digital coupons & raffles

For a very low cost, one coupon or raffle ticket can give you access and various discounted products and services from a wide range of small businesses in the school's community. A popular coupon type, is one for birthday celebrations, giving you discounts from various birthday event service providers - such as birthday cakes, party decor, jumping castles, party planners and more.

How it works: Each student will have a unique evntwall profile setup which they can share with family friends and loved ones in the form of a website url. When this link is shared (via WhatsApp, sms or email), their contacts will be able to make direct online payments. No need for stacks raffle sheets or printed coupons. No need to walk from house to house asking for loose change and no more nightmares of dealing with cash.

Popular coupon / raffle ideas and campaigns for schools

birthday celebration coupons, car care coupons, stationery coupons, student support (tutoring) coupons, local entertainment and attractions coupons, local dining coupons, small business assistance coupons, music & hobbies coupons, home security coupons, online educational resources subscription coupons, health & fitness coupons, extracurricular coupons, valentines day coupons, mothers day coupons, fathers day coupons, Christmas coupons, school holiday activity coupons.

leader board

The platform includes a leader board for every coupon / raffle that enables you to view various metrics such as the amount of coupons / raffles sold as well as the amount of funds raised by grade, class or student - ensuring transparency for all to see. No personal information is disclosed or shared on the leader board.

Awesome benefits

Evntwall is not only a digitally smart solution but also saves you costs and helps you become more efficient in managing your special day.

Being aware of the strain that the pandemic is placing on our schools, we’ve launched a campaign to support a limited number of schools on a discounted business model.

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There's so much more to evntwall. You'll need to experience it to believe it. Did you know you can also:

- use evntwall to sign guests & visitors in and out of your premises to your premises / offices
- use evntwall to replace that ugly suggestion. box in your lobby
- create a profile page, which can be used as your official business website
- create a concierge page, which can be used to digitally interact with guests who visits your offices / premises / establishment