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Putting the fun back into fundraising

Evntwall offers various ways to help organisations raise funds, and create awareness of their fundraising needs. The platform doesn't only allow you to engage with members of your organisation, but allso the larger community creating a larger pool of stakeholders.

Fundraising options

The platform caters for two main types of fundraising activities. Firstly, Raffles which are synonymous to competitions and prize give-aways, where people can purchase digital entries and stand a chance of winning a special prize / prizes. The second fundraising activity type that evntwall caters for is coupons and vouchers. This would normally take the form of a digital ticket (coupon or voucher) which costs very little and the buyer will be entitled to one of more products or services listed on the coupon. These products and services may be provided by one or more independent service provider, independent from organisation or person who sells or promotes the coupon or voucher.

create a school website
create a school website
create a school website

digital coupons & raffles

Whether you want to raise funds as an individual, as a team or as an organisation, evntwall can. cater for your needs.

How it works: Each person (that will promote your campaign) will have a unique evntwall profile setup which they can share (via WhatsApp, sms or email), with family friends and loved ones. When this link is accessed by their contacts, they will be able to make direct online payments. No need for stacks raffle sheets or printed coupons. No need to walk from house to house asking for loose change and no more nightmares of dealing with cash.

Each sponsor on the coupon or raffle, will have dedicated space to present their offering as well as links to to their detailed profile page on evntwall.

Popular coupon / raffle ideas and campaigns for schools

birthday celebration coupons, car care coupons, stationery supply coupons, local entertainment and attractions coupons, local dining coupons, small business services coupons, home security coupons, online educational resources subscription coupons, health & fitness coupons, extracurricular coupons, valentines day coupons, mothers day coupons, fathers day coupons, Christmas coupons, school holiday activity coupons.

leader board

The platform includes a leader board for every coupon / raffle that enables you to view various metrics such as the amount of coupons / raffles sold as well as the amount of funds raised by grade, class or student - ensuring transparency for all to see. No personal information is disclosed or shared on the leader board.

Awesome benefits

Unlike convensional raffles and coupons, evntwall takes all the leg out out of t. e process. E.g. no need to go from door to door asking for donations, no need to deal with cash and struggling to collect it from each team member. Most importantly, our digital coupons and raffles can be shared with everyone on your contact list via WhatsApp, email and sms, allowing your campaign to reach 10s of thousands of prospective buyers globally.

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evntwall uses

small business website

There's so much more to evntwall. You'll need to experience it to believe it. Did you know you can also:

- use evntwall to sign guests & visitors in and out of your premises to your premises / offices
- use evntwall to replace that ugly suggestion. box in your lobby
- create a profile page, which can be used as your official business website
- create a concierge page, which can be used to digitally interact with guests who visits your offices / premises / establishment