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Evntwall’s cutting-edge digital marketing toolkit tailored specifically for event venues and organizers. Whether you’re hosting weddings, corporate functions, or private celebrations, our toolkit offers a suite of powerful features designed to elevate your event planning and management experience. From creating a stunning online presence with our e-Site feature to enhancing guest experiences through our Concierge Portal, our toolkit is equipped with everything you need to streamline operations, engage attendees, and forge strategic partnerships within the industry. Dive into our comprehensive toolkit and discover how you can transform your events into unforgettable experiences.

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Common challenges experienced by event venues and organizers range from establishing an online presence to managing guest experiences, promoting events, fostering partnerships, and maintaining employee and customer engagement. A comprehensive digital marketing toolkit addresses these challenges by providing solutions to streamline operations, enhance communication, and drive growth in the competitive event industry.

Our Digital Marketing Toolkit Features

Provide The Ideal Marketing Solution For Event Venues And Organisers

1. e-Site: Creating Your Online Presence

Create a professional online presence effortlessly with the e-Site feature. This customizable website includes media galleries to showcase photos and videos of your venue or past events. You can also share insightful articles and industry updates through the blog, keeping visitors informed with news feeds about upcoming events and promotions. Highlight your offerings with detailed descriptions of products and services, and attract customers with special deals and discounts. The calendar feature allows you to display event schedules and availability, while the business directory showcases your team members and partners. Build trust with authentic feedback from past clients through testimonials and address common queries with an FAQ section. Additionally, grow your audience by capturing visitor emails with the subscriber collection tool.

wedding planner website
Funeral Home Director e-site

2. Concierge Portal: Enhancing Guest Experiences

Empower your clients by setting up evntwalls for them or having them set it up for themselves. Evntwalls aid tremendously in their event planning with comprehensive features, such as: Sending personalized invites and track responses with invitation management, streamline attendee management with RSVP tracking, and selling event tickets online with secure payment options. Extend event reach with live broadcasts through live streaming, share event agendas and seating arrangements with the program display feature, and highlight sponsors and contributors for visibility. Distribute event photos, videos, and other content to engage attendees and promote future events, and much more.

3. evntwalls: Empowering Event Planning

Empower event planning with comprehensive features through evntwalls, including:

  • Invitation Management: Send personalized invites and track responses.
  • RSVP Collection: Streamline attendee management with RSVP tracking.
  • Ticket Sales: Sell event tickets online with secure payment options.
  • Live Streaming: Extend event reach with live broadcasts.
  • Program Display: Share event agendas and seating arrangements.
  • Sponsor Recognition: Highlight sponsors and contributors for visibility.
  • Media Distribution: Engage attendees and promote future events with photos, videos, and other content.
wedding celebration website
hospitality concierge website

4. Digital Collaboration & Referrals: Building Partnerships

Forge strategic partnerships within the event industry with digital collaboration & referrals. Showcase partner services on your platform by listing complimentary services and exchange guest posts to reach new audiences through collaborative blogging. Tap into partner networks for mutual growth opportunities and expand your reach.

5. Coupons Contributors: Driving Customer Engagement

Drive customer engagement and loyalty through coupons offers. Offer exclusive discounts from partner businesses through cross-promotional coupons and feature partner offers prominently on your e-site. Encourage bookings and orders through enticing deals, increasing conversions and customer satisfaction.

6. Employee Portal: Fostering Team Engagement

Foster employee engagement and productivity with the employee portal. Provide seamless access to resources on any device with mobile accessibility and share news, events, and announcements in real-time through company updates. Deliver training modules and resources for skill development with training materials and curate external content to enrich employee knowledge and performance through third-party integration.

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Research has found that event venues and organnizers commonly experience the following challlenges.

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Limited Online Presence

Many event venues and organizers struggle with establishing a strong online presence. Without an effective website and digital marketing strategy, they may find it challenging to attract clients and promote their services to a wider audience.

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Guest Management Complexity

Managing guest lists, registrations, and communications can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Without efficient tools to streamline these processes, organizers may struggle to provide a seamless experience for attendees.

Event Promotion and Ticket Sales

Marketing events and selling tickets require targeted promotional efforts and secure payment processing. Without the right tools, venues and organizers may struggle to reach their target audience and maximize ticket sales.

evntwall engagement website

Limited Networking Opportunities

Building strategic partnerships with other event service providers can be challenging without a platform to connect and collaborate effectively. Without access to a network of complementary services, venues and organizers may miss out on valuable opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Employee Engagement and Training

Keeping staff informed, engaged, and trained is crucial for delivering exceptional service. Without accessible resources and communication channels, venues may struggle to maintain high standards of professionalism and efficiency among their team members.

wedding venue website

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Building and maintaining customer relationships is essential for repeat business and referrals. Without tools to engage customers, offer promotions, and gather feedback, venues and organizers may struggle to foster loyalty and satisfaction among their clientele.

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Give your event business a digital head start with up to 10 free evntwalls (corporate, social, wedding or funeral) for any up coming customer events you are hosting. No card details required!

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At Evntwall, we’re dedicated to empowering you to connect with your audience like never before. Join us in redefining communication and engagement across different types of events. Explore our tailored solutions today and unlock the full potential of your customers.


Evntwall delivers bespoke solutions uniquely crafted for wedding venues and organizers, guaranteeing flawless communication and unforgettable experiences for both couples and guests. Elevate your service offerings by providing wedding evntwalls as a complimentary or value-added service to your clientele. Not only do your customers gain access to a platform rich in features and functionality, but your event venue also reaps the rewards of heightened digital exposure for your brand. Additionally, by accessing the contact list of all guests attending the wedding, venues and organisers can further enhance your marketing efforts and strengthen relationships with potential future clients. Partner with Evntwall today to ensure seamless weddings and lasting impressions.


Evntwall specializes in crafting tailored solutions for function venues and organizers, guaranteeing seamless communication and unforgettable experiences for customers hosting a variety of social events, including birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements, and more. Enhance your service offerings by providing social evntwalls as either a complimentary or value-added service to your clientele. Customers can enjoy the convenience of saving on printing and communication costs, but they also benefit from the platform’s rich features tailored to their event needs. Function can venue gains invaluable digital exposure for your brand, amplifying your online presence. By accessing the contact list of all guests attending your client’s events, venues and organisers can bolster your marketing efforts and cultivate lasting relationships with potential future clients


Evntwall offers function venues and organizers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional printing while enhancing communication for corporate events such as conferences, seminars, trade shows, product launches, roadshows, and more. Elevate your venue’s offerings by providing corporate evntwalls as either a complimentary service or a value-added service to your clientele. Not only does this initiative support environmental conservation efforts by reducing paper waste, but it also offers your customers the convenience of streamlined communication and information sharing. Additionally, your function venue stands to gain significant digital exposure for your brand, expanding your online presence within the corporate event space. By accessing the contact list of all guests attending your client’s events, you can further optimize your marketing strategies and foster relationships with potential future clients. Partner with Evntwall today to embrace sustainability and enhance the success of corporate events with ease.”


During times of loss, evntwalls offers a compassionate solution to keep loved ones informed and engaged with memorial evntwalls. This platform serves as more than just a source for essential details about funeral services; it becomes a heartfelt hub for sharing cherished memories and heartfelt tributes. Friends and family can express condolences, send flowers, and contribute financially seamlessly, fostering a strong sense of community support and togetherness. Enhance your service offerings by providing memorial evntwalls to your customers as either a complimentary service or a value-added service. In doing so, not only do you provide comfort and support during challenging times, but your function venue also gains valuable digital exposure for your brand, strengthening your online presence within the community. By accessing the contact list of all guests attending your client’s events, you can extend your support beyond the funeral service and further strengthen your connections. Partner with Evntwall today to provide solace and honor the memories of your loved ones, while elevating your venue’s presence and impact.

wedding evntwall website


evntwall for social & corporate events

Setup an evntwalls for your customer's events, either as a complimentary value added service or at a fee.

RSVP / Attendance Register

Send out invitations to all guests, collect their RSVPs and even confirm their dietary requirements, if needed.

Google Maps

With many venues located in hard to reach places, you can now add the google maps location, allowing guests to easily reach the venue.

Upon Arrival

Instead of asking guests to complete attendance registers or forms, you can log their temperature and check them in directly from a smartphone, tablet, digital kiosk or PC.

Digital Guest book

Instead of buying a guest book for a, guests can post messages directly on your evntwall.

Gift Registry

Make your gift registry digitally. available and put it at the finger tips of your guests (through their smartphones)


Display your bank account details, allowing people to make direct deposits into your account.


For those who cannot attend the wedding in person, you can still share the evntwall with them, to live-stream the event in real time.

Photo / Video Gallery

Share the special moments in video and photo format for guests to peruse (e.g. how you got engaged, photoshoots, etc)

Event Media

Instead of printing, programs, menus, table seating plans, maps, floorplans, etc, you can make it all accessible on the evntwall.

Photo Uploads

New Feature: Now guests can upload the photos and selfies that they took at the event for all to see.

Event Organisers & Participants

Digitally introduce guests to the event's organisers and participants (e.g. guest speakers, MC, etc) and allow them to communicate through the platform.

Beyond the event

Long after the event has taken place, customers can can revisit the evntwall to service as a digital momento for future commemoration.

Partners & Sponsors

Showcase / promote the partners and sponsors who will be involved at the event.

Special Announcements

Display Announcements and Notices for all attendees to take note of.

Ad space

Offer evntwall as an additional marketing platform for advertisers to make use of.

wedding venue concierge


concierge page for event venues

digitally connect with guests visiting your venue - enabling you to market, cross-sell and up-sell complimentary products and services more effectively.

Guest Sign-in

Allow guests to digitally check-in / sign in to your venue.

Local Directory

Keep a digital directory of local services, attractions and activities to do in the area.

Event Calendar

Maintain an up to date calendar of events (taking place at your venue) as well as local events in the area.

Suggestion Box

Replace the tattered suggestion box with in your lobby with evntwall.

Local Service Providers

Instead of cluttering your front desk with business cards and brochures of local event service providers, you can compile a digital directory on your evntwall.

Dinning Options

Promote your onsite restaurant, bar or canteen. Alternatively, provide a list of local restaurants.

Maps & Floorplans

Display a map of your property or even the floor-plan of the buildings.

Staff Directory

Make your staff easily accessible by displaying a directory of all employees on site.

In Case of Emmergency

Share emergency resources and contacts, including the local police station, hospital, emergency exit / gathering points, etc.

wedding venue e-site


event venue open days and expos

As the host and organiser of an open day / expo, evntwall can digitise your event. Whether the event is in person, online or hybrid - you can use evntwall to give more value to your exhibitors and attendees.

Manage Attendees

Allow guests to RSVP their attendance and keep record of all who will be attending.

Event Media

Save on printing costs and share all documentation and media through your evntwall, such as your rate cards, menu options, map of the venue, etc.

Showcase Suppliers

Display an interactive profile (with info, videos, images, brochures, catalogues) of wedding service providers who are also promoting themselves on the day.

Run Competitions

Run unlimited competitions and give-aways through the evntwall


Live-Stream your open day and make the video accessible from your evntwall. Also upload virtual tours of your venue for guests to watch.

Photo Gallery

Keep the evntwall fresh by updating it inn real time with new photos as the event unfolds.

Photo Uploads

Allow guests to upload the photos and selfies they take on the day.

Promote Sponsors

Show your sponsors some love by promoting their businesses / services on the wall.

Live-Updates & Announcements

Keep visitors informed and updated with the notices and announcements, published on the platform.

wedding venue e-site


e-site for your event venue / services

If you don't already have a website, your evntwall profile page can serve as an awesome website! If you already have a website, then your SEO expert will tell you that you can always benefit from more digital online exposure.


All the content you would normally find on a basic website


Photo and video galleries for customers to view

Product Catalogue

Online store, offering customers the option to buy safely only and customize products for purchase, rent or loan.

Direct Contact Details

Direct conntact details to your office / staff.


Links to other online content, websites and access to downloadable resources.

Blog / Articles

Blog Articles for people to read and learn more about your business, prodducts or services.


Important events and dates concerning your business.

Team Members

Introduce the team members, with their photos, their roles in the business as well as their contact / social media details.

Marketing and Adspace

Ability to market and promote your businesses, products, services, articles, videos on the evntwalls of other (non-competing) complimentary evntwalls

Before the event

Send out invitations with the evntwall link for invitees to rsvp and manage all confirmations received. Collect dietary requirements and even their vehicle registrations (if necessary).

During the event

Check-in guests directly on your computer or smart device, as they arrive. Scan and log their temperature at the door and digitally engage with guests sharing the program, menu, table seating, in-event announcements and update the wall in real time as the event progresses.

After the event

Update the evntwall to display info, images, live-stream videos of the event as transpired. Even allow guests to upload the photos / selfies they took during the event, directly to the wall.

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