Digital Marketing and Lead Generation with Evntwall

Imagine if you could get the direct contact details of every single person who attends an event at your venue? Imagine it was a half day conference with 300 guests attending and because you have their contact details, you are able to send them all a WhatsApp message at the end of the event inviting them to a happy hour promotion taking place at the bar, directly after their conference ends…

Now what if i told you there’s no need to imagine this, because it is possible!

As a venue, when you enable your customers to create evntwalls (event pages) for their events, they are able to collect RSVP confirmations from their guests and this list of of attendees is available to the hosting venue. This doesn’t only give you an active list of all people who are on your property at any given moment but also allows you to send them messages (E.g. WhatsApp or email) if needs be. A common application is to ask guests to rate or share their experience with your venue to help you improve your services. Similarly one is able to market and offer promotional offers to them.

Furthermore, with every event taking place, the evntwall is branded with the venue’s logo and showcases a detailed profile of the venue (which can include photo galleries, videos, rate cards, maps and floor plans, and alot more.

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