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you've gone through great lengths to make them your customers. Now let us help you service them and keep them engaged.

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About evntwall for hospitality

Evntwall is a web app that helps hospitality establishments (such as hotels, lodges, guest houses & holiday homes) to communicate more effectively with guests, save costs on conventional communication tools, create more brand awareness and digital exposure for themselves, while generating more income.

With almost 50 features to contribute to the successful management, interaction, and cost saving of your business’ communication and its various events, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why every business in hospitality needs an evntwall.

It's easier to get an existing client to buy again, than to get a new one

Use evntwall to help you nurture existing clients, to cross-sell and and up-sell your services to them

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digital concierge for big and small businesses

No matter what business or industry you're in, if you have customers coming to your physical location, you can use evntwall to share relevant and pertinent information for guests perusal.

Guest Sign-in

Allow guests to digitally check-in / sign in to your venue.

Local Directory

Share a digital directory of local services, attractions and activities to do in the area.

Event Calendar

Maintain an up to date calendar of events (taking place at your venue) as well as local events in the area.

Suggestion Box

Replace the tattered suggestion box in your lobby with evntwall.

Local Attractions

Instead of cluttering your front desk with business cards and brochures of local attractions, Your evntwall can contain a digital directory of them all.

Dinning Options

Promote your onsite restaurant, bar or canteen. Alternatively, provide a list of local restaurants.

Maps & Floorplans

Display a map of your property or even the floor-plan of the buildings.

Staff Directory

Make your staff easily accessible by displaying a directory of all employees on site.

In Case of Emmergency

Share emergency resources and contacts, including the local police station, hospital, emergency exit / gathering points, etc.

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