Could your venue benefit from an extra 1k per event?

Imagine if your venue could generate an extra R1,000 per event! Multiplied by the number of events hosted by your venue each month, it can make a big difference to your monthly revenue. Now imagine if you could achieve this without even having to lift a finger or using any additional human resources.

Thanks to Evntwall theres no need to imagine as this is all possible. Evntwall is a web app, that not only serves as a digital concierge app (to interact with your guests from the moment they enter your premises) but event hosts and customers can use evntwall to create event pages that will not only help them save costs but also promote the venue to all customers and prospects. The platform offers over 30 features to contribute to the successful management, interaction, and cost saving of your events.

Remember we said that you’d never have to lift a finger, this is because evntwall is a self help platform. Once the platform has been setup your customers will have the ability to create their own accounts on the app and upload / setup evnt pages themselves.

To learn more about evntwalls offering for venues, view this page.

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