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corporate event website

About evntwall for corporate events

Evntwall offers an innovative solution for event hosts and organizers to elevate their event experience and engage with guests seamlessly through our digital event app. Tis mini event web portal serves as a central hub for event information, with interactive features, and media sharing of your event's memorable moments before, during, and after the event.

evntwall applications and uses for corporate events

Conferences, Product Launches, Trade Shows, EXCO Meetings, Gala Dinners, Awards Ceremonies, Showcases, Golf Days, Corporate Retreats, Seminars, Team Buildings, Corporate Dinners and more

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Seamless Event Management

  • RSVP / Attendance Register: Send personalized invitations to guests, collect RSVPs, and even confirm dietary requirements seamlessly through the Evntwall platform, simplifying event planning and organization.

  • Event Ticketing: Sell tickets to your event without involving additional service providers and get the monies paid directly to you.
  • Google Maps Integration: Ensure guests can easily navigate to the event venue by adding Google Maps location details directly to the Digital Celebration Wall, eliminating any confusion or difficulty in reaching the location.

  • Guest Check-In: Prioritize guest safety and streamline check-in processes by checking guests in directly from smartphones, tablets, digital kiosks, or PCs upon arrival. No need to additional hardware.

Enhanced Eventing Experience

Attendees can seamlessly navigate the event using the Evnwall platform from their smartphones, where they gain access to a plethora of resources and features. From perusing the menu and program to exploring table seating arrangements, and delving into the profiles of esteemed guest speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, guests can stay informed and connected at every turn.

Moreover, for those requiring assistance in navigating the premises, the inclusion of an venue or event map within the media tab ensures ease of movement. This tab can also hosts a treasure trove of digital collateral, including brochures, profiles, videos, web links, and more. This not only reduces waste but also enriches the attendee experience by providing valuable resources at their fingertips.

corporate event website
corporate event website
corporate event website

Inclusive Event Experience

In addition to its streamlined features, the EvntWall platform harnesses the power of attendee-generated content to enrich the event experience further. Guests are encouraged to capture memorable moments by taking photos and seamlessly uploading them to the platform, creating a vibrant visual narrative that enhances engagement and connectivity for all attendees.

For those who miss out on interactions with special guest speakers during the event, the platform serves as an invaluable medium for continued communication. Through chat functionalities and dedicated discussion threads, attendees can engage with speakers both during and after the event, fostering meaningful dialogue and extending the impact of presentations beyond the confines of the venue.

Moreover, the platform facilitates knowledge-sharing by allowing guest speakers to upload their presentation slides, granting attendees access to valuable resources for further reflection and exploration. These materials remain readily available for download post-event, ensuring that learning opportunities persist long after the event concludes.


Extend Your Event's Reach

Evntwall extends the reach of the event beyond physical boundaries by offering live-streaming capabilities. Remote participants can immerse themselves in the event experience in real-time, accessing live presentations, discussions, and interactive sessions from the comfort of their homes or offices. Additionally, archived content enables on-demand viewing, allowing virtual attendees to catch up on missed sessions at their convenience, thus maximizing inclusivity and accessibility for all.

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Beyond the Event

Evntwall does not only offer a seamless experience for all participants but also provides invaluable insights into attendee behavior. By harnessing these insights, organizers can refine and optimize future events, ensuring continued excellence and satisfaction among attendees.

Create Immersive, Interactive, and Inclusive experiences that leave a lasting impression

With these advanced features, Evntwall empowers hosts and organizers to create immersive, interactive, and inclusive experiences that leave a lasting impression on guests. Revolutionize your corporate event planning and management with Evntwall.

corporate event website

evntwall for corporate events

Not only do you save money by eliminating the need to print evnt collateral, but you also save valuable time to get information and important announcements across.

corporate event features

RSVP / Attendance Register

Send out invitations to all guests, collect their RSVPs and even confirm their dietary requirements, if needed.

Google Maps

With many venues located in hard to reach places, you can now add the google maps location, allowing guests to easily reach the venue.

Upon Arrival

Instead of asking guests to complete attendance registers or forms, you can log their temperature and check them in directly from a smartphone, tablet, digital kiosk or PC.

Digital Guest book

Instead of buying a guest book for a, guests can post messages directly on your evntwall.

Gift Registry

Make your gift registry digitally. available and put it at the finger tips of your guests (through their smartphones)


Display your bank account details, allowing people to make direct deposits into your account.


For those who cannot attend the wedding in person, you can still share the evntwall with them, to live-stream the event in real time.

Photo / Video Gallery

Share the special moments in video and photo format for guests to peruse (e.g. how you got engaged, photoshoots, etc)

Event Media

Instead of printing, programs, menus, table seating plans, maps, floorplans, etc, you can make it all accessible on the evntwall.

Photo Uploads

New Feature: Now guests can upload the photos and selfies that they took at the event for all to see.

Event Organisers & Participants

Digitally introduce guests to the event's organisers and participants (e.g. guest speakers, MC, etc) and allow them to communicate through the platform.

Beyond the event

Long after the event has taken place, customers can can revisit the evntwall to service as a digital momento for future commemoration.

Partners & Sponsors

Showcase / promote the partners and sponsors who will be involved at the event.

Special Announcements

Display Announcements and Notices for all attendees to take note of.

Ad space

Offer evntwall as an additional marketing platform for advertisers to make use of.

Awesome benefits

Evntwall is not only a digitally smart solution but also saves you costs and helps you become more efficient in managing your special day.

Cost Saving

Send out invitations with the evntwall link for invitees to rsvp and manage all confirmations received. Collect dietary requirements and even their vehicle registrations (if necessary).

During the event

Check-in guests directly on your computer or smart device, as they arrive. Scan and log their temperature at the door and digitally engage with guests sharing the program, menu, table seating, in-event announcements and update the wall in real time as the event progresses.

After the event

Update the evntwall to display info, images, live-stream videos of the event as transpired. Even allow guests to upload the photos / selfies they took during the event, directly to the wall.

Are you an event service provider

Learn how evntwall can offer great value for your business. Ideal for event venues, conference centres, hotels, event organisers, wedding planners, decor hire, photographers, furniture rental businesses, AV Suppliers, etc.


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