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About evntwall

Our corporate event website helps event hosts & organisers interact more effectively with guests (through their smart phones). This corporate event website offers over 20 features to contribute to the successful management, interaction, and cost saving of your event.

Private events

Our event website can be used for weddings, birthdays, engagements, bridal showers, anniversaries, reunions, graduation dinners, bachelors, stork parties, farewells, fundraisers and more

Corporate events

Wellness events, conferences, trade-shows, product launches, open days, corporate dinners, year end functions, team building events, seminars, training events, stage productions, and more. This is all possible with our corporate event website.

Before the event

Send out invitations together with a link for invitees to rsvp and manage all confirmations received. Collect dietary requirements and even their vehicle registrations (if necessary).

During the event

Check-in guests as they arrive directly from your computer or smart device. Scan and log their temperature at the door and digitally engage with guests posting in-event announcements and update the wall in real time as the event progresses.

After the event

Update the evntwall to display info, images, live-stream videos of the event as transpired. Even allow guests. to upload the photos / selfies they took during the event.

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The Best Corporate Event Website

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Learn how the best corporate event website can offer great value for your business. Ideal for event venues, conference centres, hotels, event organisers, wedding planners, decor hire, photographers, furniture rental businesses, AV Suppliers, etc.

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easily accessible

Unlike other event websites that needs to be downloaded from the app store, our corporate event websites are easily accessible through a simple weblink on any computer or smart device. Even as the event organiser, you won't need any special tools, software or skills to setup and manage your events. Just a simple connection to the internet and that's what makes it the best corporate event website.


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there's so much more to evntwall. You'll need to experience the best corporate event website solution yourself, to believe it.
Did you know you can also:

- use evntwall to sign guests & visitors in and out of your premises to your premises / offices
- use evntwall to replace that ugly suggestion. box in your lobby
- create a profile page, which can be used as your official business website
- create a concierge page, which can be used to digitally interact with guests who visits your offices / premises / establishment

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