Five Things Funeral Businesses and Parlours can do better with Evntwall

Here are five things that funeral parlours and funeral service providers can do better with Evntwall.  Firstly, Evntwall gives funeral businesses more brand awareness and exposure exposure before, during and after the funeral of their client. This is done through your evntwall’s profile page (which also serves as a website – for those who do […]

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation with Evntwall

Imagine if you could get the direct contact details of every single person who attends an event at your venue? Imagine it was a half day conference with 300 guests attending and because you have their contact details, you are able to send them all a WhatsApp message at the end of the event inviting […]

Four ways in which venues can generate money with evntwall

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, its to be more adaptable and not set in our ways. Since times and circumstances are constantly changing, we also need to adapt and change to constantly stay relevant. This is the very reason why evntwall was created – in response to COVID-19’s crippling impact on […]

Could your venue benefit from an extra 1k per event?

Imagine if your venue could generate an extra R1,000 per event! Multiplied by the number of events hosted by your venue each month, it can make a big difference to your monthly revenue. Now imagine if you could achieve this without even having to lift a finger or using any additional human resources. Thanks to […]

Digital Hospitality Concierge

This video demonstrates how hospitality providers can use our digital concierge solution / software. This is the ideal digital concierge solution for hotels, lodges, guest houses, holiday apartments, home stays, resorts, hostels, chalets, holiday homes & Bed and Breakfasts