Ambassador Program for Event Service Providers

We are delighted to introduce you our ambassador program – tailor made for event service providers. 

Evntwall provides a very unique digital service that allows event service providers to gain a competitive edge in the market by using evntwall’s platform to:

  1. Setting up events pages for their customers on our platform
  2. Saving their customers costs
  3. Generate more revenue, when offering evntwall as a one of their service offerings.
  4. Gaining massive digital exposure for their businesses when their customer’s event pages are branded with the event service provider’s logo which links them to a customised and detailed profile page on evntwall.

What does the Evntwall Ambassador Program entail

As an evntwall ambassador, you will be entitled to create up to 10 free evntwalls each month (for 12 months) for your customer’s events. You will have the liberty to make these evntwalls available to your clients for free or for a fee of (no more than) R600 per evntwall. 

An additional 2 evntwalls (per month) will be made available to for you to offer freely in the form of competition prizes.

You will have the ability to create and manage evntwalls on behalf of your client, or they can be given access to create and manage it for themselves.

How to qualify for the Program

To be considered into our ambassador program, you must be a service provider in the events industry (in South Africa) with active social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and more than 500 followers on each platform.

What we would like in return

  1. We would like you to make mention of Evntwall at least once a week on your social media posts (on both Facebook and Instagram), together with tags to Evntwall’s social media profiles and website.
  2. On a monthly basis, we would like to receive a testimonial video from one of your customers who made use of evntwall for their events. 
  3. After the first month of using evntwall, we would like to conduct an online video interview with your business to learn about your experience with the platform, how it’s helping your business and how we can improve on the platform.


Demonstrate to event businesses how they can leverage from Evntwall to generate more revenue.

Create more brand awareness and digital exposure for evntwall as well as for our ambassadors.

Uncover ways to improve the platform, through interviews with users.

Create a compilation of customer video and interviews which can be used for marketing purposes.



Evntwall normally charges R650 for a client to create an evntwall for an event.

Additional evntwalls over the allocated 10 will be charged at R290 per additional evntwall

No, anyone with basic level of computer literacy can create and manage an evntwall.

Just a computer with access to the internet

It can take as little as 20 to 30 minutes, it all depends on how much information / content you need to upload to the evntwall

here are 3 fees you can charge your client’s when setting up one evntwall for them, namely 1, a setup fee (of no more than R600) to create and upload the content to the evntwall, 2, an admin fee (approximately R350+ per hour) to manage / update or make changes to your client’s evntwall during the event and 3, a stand-by / support fee

All evntwalls provided under the ambassador program will be deleted 30 days after the event date.

For a fee of R100, the evntwall can stay active for an additional 12 months after the event date.