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Create Immersive, Interactive, and Inclusive experiences that leave a lasting impression

Evntwall revolutionizes communication and engagement with its innovative suite of digital tools and resources, designed to seamlessly connect users with their audience. Tailored for diverse industries, including Education, Events, Tourism, Hospitality, and even Funeral services, our platform ensures each user maximizes their interaction potential. Whether orchestrating an educational seminar, organizing a vibrant event, promoting tourist attractions, enhancing hospitality services, or facilitating respectful funeral arrangements, Evntwall empowers users to effortlessly engage and captivate their audience like never before.


At Evntwall, we’re dedicated to empowering you to connect with your audience like never before. Join us in redefining communication and engagement across diverse industries. Explore our tailored solutions today and unlock the full potential of your interactions.


Evntwal provides tailored solutions for wedding venues and services, ensuring seamless communication and memorable experiences for couples and guests alike.


Empower your educational institution with Evntwall’s specialized tools, facilitating efficient communication and engagement among students, parents, and faculty.


From corporate conferences to social gatherings, Evntwall equips event venues and planners with the resources needed to create unforgettable experiences for attendees.


Elevate guest experiences and streamline communication within the hospitality industry using Evntwall’s intuitive platform, tailored to meet the unique needs of hotels, resorts, and accommodation providers.


Promote destinations, engage travelers, and enhance visitor experiences with Evntwall.com’s specialized tools for the tourism industry.


Respectfully commemorate loved ones and support grieving families with Evntwall.com’s compassionate solutions for funeral businesses.



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All of life's precious moments wrapped into one membership.

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Unlike other apps that needs to be downloaded from the app store, evntwall is easily accessible through a simple weblink on any computer or smart phone. You also don't need any special tools, software or skills to setup and use the platform. Just a simple connection to the internet, and our website of course!

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Elevate your online presence with our mobile-responsive e-site. Showcase your services with captivating media galleries, informative blog articles, and real-time news feeds. Highlight promotional offers, maintain an organized calendar, and provide easy access to essential information like staff contacts, testimonials, and FAQs. With built-in subscription capabilities, stay connected with your audience effortlessly.

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digital concierge

Streamline guest management at your premises with our Concierge Portal. From providing precise directions through Google Maps integration to facilitating guest check-ins and conveying important notices like house rules, our portal ensures a smooth and organized experience for visitors. Additionally, gather valuable feedback and suggestions through our intuitive feedback forms.

employee portal

Empower your team with our versatile Employee Portal, accessible on desktops and smartphones. Beyond traditional office settings, our portal caters to all employees, offering access to essential resources such as company updates, training materials, and industry insights. Keep your staff informed and equipped to deliver exceptional service to grieving families.

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wedding walls

evntwall helps the brides and grooms interact more effectively with guests. The platform offers over 20 features to contribute to the successful management, interaction, and cost saving of your wedding.

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Evntwall offers an innovative solution for event hosts and organizers to elevate their event experience and engage with guests seamlessly through Digital Celebration Walls. These mini web pages serve as a central hub for event information, with interactive features, and media sharing of your event’s memorable moments before, during, and after the event.

Funeral memorial planner app

memorial planner

Simplify the funeral arrangement process with our centralized Memorial Planner. Offered as a complimentary tool to clients, it facilitates seamless planning by providing access to essential documents, specifying arrangements, and outlining program details. As an administrator, guide clients through the planning process while promoting relevant products and services that meet their needs.

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memorial walls

Memorial walls offer more than just logistical information about funeral arrangements. They serve as digital sanctuaries, housing cherished memories, condolences, and tributes. By integrating features like RSVP and live-streaming, these platforms provide invaluable support and connection for both in-person and remote attendees. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive portrait of the departed, showcasing their personality, passions, and impact through contributions from friends and family. In essence, memorial walls transcend physical boundaries, ensuring that the memories and legacies of our loved ones endure as timeless tributes.

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evntwall is a web app that helps event hosts to interact more effectively with guests. The platform offers over 30 features to contribute to the successful management, interaction, and cost saving of your events.


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Create Immersive, Interactive, and Inclusive experiences that leave a lasting impression.